Soundtrack by Jonathan Baade

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Soundtrack by Jonathan Baade

Together with our friend Jonathan Baade we developed some compositions for Dystopia, which you can already listen to here.


Together with his brother, Jonathan already helped us with testing and balancing our game prototype. From the beginning, he contributed with a lot of motivation and inspiring ideas. Since he works in a very structured way, he also started to read into the story of the game to get a feel for what else was missing to create a well-rounded game experience. His profession as a choir director and composer came in handy.

His first piece, "Wanderlust," was a huge surprise for us. Jonathan composed this piece in reference to the first steps of our protagonists on their journey from the Rohsteige to the gateway city of Kuer. The English working title "Wanderlust" hits the nail on the head. A last look around, a farewell, but also anticipation of the adventure ahead of them. The rhythmic sounds take the listener on a journey through the Realm of the Fenn and exude curiosity and desire for the distant. When Jonathan played this piece for us, along with the suggestion that it be used for the game's lobby, we were completely blown away and knew that no space in the Dystopia ECG would be better suited for it.

Assemble the Green Brigade

"Assemble the Green Brigade" is Jonathan's second Dystopia composition. This time he set himself the task of creating a song for the deckbuilder of our game. As with "Wanderlust", he put himself in the world of Dystopia. The preparations of the warriors of the Green Brigade came to mind, checking equipment and standing guard on the drill grounds of Kuer or on the many clearings around their base "Kronenwacht". The graceful music therefore thematizes these preparations of the Green Brigadiers, who are gearing up to face the challenges of the Twilight Forest. Despite their apprehension of the dangers ahead, the brave Fenn do not let on and line up to march off in the soft sunlight beneath the treetops. Jonathan has also captured this scene dazzlingly and turned it into a wonderful piece of work that fits perfectly with the deckbuilder. After all, our players are also preparing themselves for the coming challenges in the deckbuilder, so to speak.

We wish you a lot of fun with the songs and thank Jonathan from the bottom of our hearts for the great work. Hopefully we will be able to present you more pieces. Here is a link to Jonathan's Instagram profile: jonathan.baa

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